The Guardian: Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones: 'If musicians disappear, the music will too'

Michael Hann
The Guardian

"What do you do when you’re fed up of modern pop and worrying how to make a living? You make a record summoning the spirit of 1962

...Thompson and Jones have both been making music for years. Thompson – the son of Richard and Linda Thompson – might be the better known, but Jones has recorded a series of jolly albums, venturing around country and folk and 60s-styled pop. When they started writing together, along with Bill DeMain, it wasn’t with the intention of recording the songs – Thompson says he was idly dreaming of a Brill Building-style arrangement, where their songs were taken by other performers – but the further they went along, the more it became apparent that what they were writing suited the blend of their voices...."

Thursday 5 May 2016

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