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NPR: Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones On World Cafe 

May 17, 2016  NPR

"As soon as Los Angeles singer Kelly Jones heard Teddy Thompson's voice on the radio, she vowed that she would one day sing with him. That vow came to fruition on their new album, Little Windows. 

Thompson, the son of British folk royalty Linda and Richard Thompson, has always had an affinity for American country of bygone eras. On Little Windows, he and Jones, with songwriter Bill DeMain, produce near-perfect evocations of late-'50s and early-'60s pop — witty, smart writing sung…

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Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones 

A Music Blog, Yeah?

Watch AMBY's exclusive interview with Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones! Shortly after releasing their joined debut record Little Windows, folk songwriters and vocalists Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones kicked off a North American tour which saw them in Toronto a few weeks back. Ahead of their show, AMBY had the pleasure of speaking with the charming duo about love songs, gorgeous harmonies, music obsessions, macaroons, cute YouTube videos, and dogs. (May 9, 2016)

Music interview: Teddy Thompson 

Yorkshire Evening Post

"Part of a folk dynasty, Teddy Thompson’s latest album features country duets with Kelly Jones. Duncan Seaman reports. 

If Teddy Thompson’s last album involved the complex task of reuniting his parents on record for the first time in 30 years, you might be forgiven for thinking that his latest project, an album of country duets with the American singer Kelly Jones, was a far more straightforward prospect.  ...

Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones play at Howard Assembly Room, Leeds on May…

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The Guardian: Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones: 'If musicians disappear, the music will too' 

Michael Hann
The Guardian

"What do you do when you’re fed up of modern pop and worrying how to make a living? You make a record summoning the spirit of 1962

...Thompson and Jones have both been making music for years. Thompson – the son of Richard and Linda Thompson – might be the better known, but Jones has recorded a series of jolly albums, venturing around country and folk and 60s-styled pop. When they started writing together, along with Bill DeMain, it wasn’t with the intention of recording the songs –…

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