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Track Listing:
1. Looking for a Girl
2. Delilah
3. I Feel
4. Over and Over 
5. Take Me Back Again 
6. Tell Me What You Want 
7. Home
8. The Next One 
9. Take Care of Yourself 
10. The One I Can't Have 
11. Gotta Have Someone



All songs written by Teddy Thompson 

Produced by David Kahne 
All tracks mixed by David Kahne except 'Take Care of Yourself' and 'Take Me Back Again' mixed by Jim Scott 
Tracking engineer: Roy Hendrickson 
Assistant tracking engineer: Fernando Lodeiro 
All other engineering: David Kahne 
Basic tracks recorded at Avatar Studios 
Overdubbed and mixed at SeeSquaredStudios 
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound 

Vocals by Teddy Thompson 
Guitars by Teddy Thompson, Richard Thompson, Jack Petruzelli, David Schramm, David Kahne, Tommy Mokas 
Keyboards by David Kahne and Daniel Mintseris 
Bass by Jeff Hill 
Drums by Ethan Eubanks 
Vocal on 'Tell Me What You Want' by Jenni Muldaur 
Violin on 'Over and Over' by Jesse Kotansky 
Clarinet on 'Home' by Anthony McGill 

String Section: 
Arranger: David Kahne 
Orchestrator / Conductor: Jeremy Turner 
Violin: Eva Burmeister, Sarah Crocker, Katherine Fong, Sylvia Volpe 
Viola: Milan Millisavljevic, Dov Scheindlin 
Cello: Joel Noyes, Wei Yu 
Contractor: Alan Zahn 
Copyist: Jim Bruening